FORMA - Elegant Strength


  • professional athletic training
  • popular fitness
  • rehabilitation
  • countless routines, drills and exercises

Space Efficient

  • FORMA Totus needs 40 square feet in action and 2 square feet in storage.

  • Single FORMA strip operates on 300 square feet and it's all you need to become All-in-One athlete.
Single FORMA strip
Single FORMA strip

FORMA strip
Five FORMA strips operate on roughly 1500 sq ft


  • 100% American made
  • Bauhaus design blends beautifully with any interior
  • All components are designed and crafted exclusively for FORMA


  • FORMA is NOT a trend, or gadget, that's why it never stops working for you.


  • You may collect FORMA equipment piece by piece until you complete your own desired selection.
  • Our FORMA Single Strip is everything you would expect from fitness. Choose your own strip, get seriously fit and have fun.