Please join us for a short interview with Christof on this subject.

Q: How did this project take of the ground?

A: I was designing rather sizable gym in a private home for a couple with two children. Half way through the project, I made a joke, that it would be great if I designed a kids gym right next to the adults gym, so the whole family could enjoy workouts at the same time. The father didn't take it as a joke and asked me to go ahead with my idea.

Q: So, why is the gymnastics oriented playroom the choice here?

A: Gymnastics happens to be an incredibly rich discipline that gives children the possibility of experiencing a wide variety of movements, while encouraging proportional development of the muscular and skeletal systems. Youngsters love to jump, swing, roll, and run - these are natural movements that children know even without the professional instructions of a coach. Watching a child play in this kind of playroom for the first time, would be a surprise for many people, for the child knows intuitively how to use this equipment and has a lot of fun very quickly and naturally.

Q: Do you think designing such a big space for two children was too much?

A: I did think about it, but I also knew, that there was going to be a lot of kids coming to the house with their parents and make the playroom full of action.

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of this project for you?

A: The chance of contributing to the idea of preserving a picture of a child in motion.

Q: What do you mean by this?

A: Well, with physical education rapidly disappearing from our schools, electronic devices consuming children free time and other cultural changes, we no longer see streets filled with youngsters playing and running. There is no doubt, that children love to play in motion, but we adults have to do more to preserve the picture of a child in motion for generations to come. Just seeing these two running into the completed gym and instantly playing was the biggest reward for my work.

Further Lane, East Hampton, NY

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